Classic Papercut Collection

WeJoy Living Classic Papercut Collection

This collection of papercut artwork was designed by our talented papercut artist and calligraphy artist, mingling rustic simplicity, elegant refinement and enlightened style. Either washi paper or cotton paper is used to underlay each piece of papercut artwork. Japanese Sekishu washi paper, which is made from the inner fibers of tree barks with icy cold mountain stream, is well-suited to provide great texture to the beautiful floral lace design with a touch of natural look. High-quality cold press cotton paper with a chosen color shade, on the other hand, might be preferred by others as the underlayer to enhance crisp and intricate details, yielding expressive surface and impressive character.


History of papercutting

Papercutting is a traditional art of paper designs originated in China in 4th Century soon after paper was invented there. It has later developed into a folk art, with distinct uses in Chinese culture, almost all of which are for health, prosperity or decorative purposes.  Papercut art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles. In Israel today, it has been a most common Jewish art decorating marriage contracts, Mizrahs, and for ornaments on festive occasions.


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